Mild IVF

Mild (minimal stimulation and natural cycle) IVF

The primary aim of “mild IVF” is to provide effective ovarian stimulation with less medication (in order to collect fewer mature eggs that are of better overall quality), less exposure to the risk of (potentially life threatening) complications, and less overall cost.

Mild IVF protocols and procedures are not new: they have been developed in some of the world’s largest IVF centers for more than 20 years and they continue to be actively developed throughout the world.  To read Dr. Daiter’s summaries and reviews of some of the available scholarly articles on this subject, see our blogs on this website.

The International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in England in 2007 to promote safer, less drug oriented (more physiological and more natural), widely accessible (less expensive), and woman friendly (patient centered) approaches to assisted reproduction (including IVF).  Since its inception, ISMAAR has conducted several successful world congresses and satellite workshops in many different countries.

RG Edwards, a professor from England who succeeded with his colleagues in 1969 in the first successful human IVF pregnancy (and was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work resulting in the development of human IVF), opened ISMAAR’s First World Congress in London (2007) stating: “I am honored to open this important meeting.  It is very timely.  It stresses that a new phase of assisted human conception is opening with the realization that methods currently in use to stimulate follicle growth and ovulation in infertile patients are too extreme and too expensive.”  For Dr. Daiter’s summary and review of Dr. Edwards’ speech, see our blogs on this website.

Mild IVF is best suited for

  1. Couples desiring a more patient friendly and less artificial experience.  Do not be forced into a highly aggressive IVF protocol that uses extreme amounts of medication.  For more information on mild IVF and their ovarian stimulation protocols click here.
  2. Couples paying for their IVF treatment out of pocket.  Do not be forced into extraordinarily expensive and often unaffordable medical treatments.  If you do not have medical insurance coverage for IVF then the cost of conventional IVF can be prohibitive.  For more information on the cost of mild IVF click here.
  3. Women who do not respond well to stimulation medication.  Do not accept that donor egg IVF is your only choice if you want children.  In many cases, women with “poor ovarian response” to stimulation medication, women with a “decreased ovarian reserve,” and “older women” can get pregnant with their own eggs (just not using conventional IVF).  Milder stimulation protocols geared to your unique situation may be required.  For more information on mild IVF for women with decreased ovarian reserve click here.
  4. Women with exaggerated response to stimulation medication, who have a high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) when conventional IVF protocols are used.  Do not put yourself in harms way, OHSS is potentially life threatening.  Mild IVF can significantly reduce or eliminate your risks of OHSS.  For more information on mild IVF to reduce the likelihood of OHSS click here.
  5. Couples with multiple prior unsuccessful IVF cycles.  Do not accept that donor egg IVF is you only option for children.  Many times a medical problem is missed (and therefore not treated) or a milder stimulation protocol will allow you to conceive.  For more information on mild IVF for couples with prior unsuccessful cycles click here.

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