Mercedes reviews Dr. Eric Daiter and her experience at his office

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My name is Mercedes, this is my husband Steven, and this is our miracle Mellissa. 

I found Dr. Daiter through my Gynecologist.  He gave me three business cards and then I picked Dr. Daiter.  We went to an appointment, he talked a lot about the different issues that I have, and finally he gave you different options that I can start. 

I tried insemination first; didn’t work, and Dr. Daiter said “don’t waste time, its better for you to do the in vitro.”  We tried one time, and then the second time I got pregnant.  Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage, but that was great because I got pregnant.  Dr. Daiter said “you can try again, let’s do again.” 

I wait a little, like almost more than one year and then I did in vitro a third time, which I said would be the last one.  I got pregnant and I had this miracle, my Mellissa. 

Always, whenever I had any concerns, any questions to the doctor, I call and he was always there.  If he was not there at the time, he would return the phone call right away.  The staff was wonderful, they set an appointment convenient to me, and also they helped me a lot with insurance. 

We would definitely recommend Dr. Daiter to anyone who is having any issues because our little miracle here is the best.  We could just thank Dr. Daiter for that.

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