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The IUI procedure: 1 of 5 things you should know about an IUI


 A Complete Guide to Understanding IUI (intrauterine insemination) and artificial insemination

(Dr Eric Daiter, Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility)


  • The IUI (artificial insemination) procedure
  • Who should consider an IUI (artificial insemination)?
  • IUI (artificial insemination) success rates
  • IUI (artificial insemination) cost
  • What to consider if IUI (artificial insemination) is unsuccessful


IUI (artificial insemination) cost


The cost of the IUI procedure is relatively inexpensive compared to other infertility procedures.  For an IUI procedure, the cost is often broken down into the cost for washing the sperm and the cost for performing the intrauterine insemination.


Washing the sperm usually involves mixing the semen sample with an inert buffered media (the cost of the media varies), using sterile test tubes and pipettes (the cost of these disposables varies), and centrifuging the sample at least two different times (the cost involves the time spent by the embryologist or doctor and the cost of acquiring and maintaining the required equipment).  Some infertility offices also add supplements to the media that is used for the wash and use highly specialized material to separate the sperm from the semen, each with some additional cost.  In my office, I personally wash and prepare each sperm sample for IUI myself so that I can guarantee the quality of the washing procedure.  I believe that this is better than entrusting the washing procedure to an employee of the laboratory, no matter how trustworthy that employee is, since I will always know that I double checked every step of the procedure myself.  For ongoing patients at my office, I have a charge of 130 dollars for the IUI washing procedure.


The cost for performing the intrauterine insemination of washed sperm involves loading the sample into the syringe with the attached catheter, performing a sterile speculum exam, and delivering the washed sample through the cervix into the uterine cavity.  The disposable items generally include the plastic speculum used to visualize the cervix and the catheter (which can be very expensive).  For ongoing patients at my office, I charge 200 dollars for the insemination of the washed sample into the uterine cavity.  If the patient does not have insurance coverage for the IUI procedure, I provide a discounted rate of 200 dollars to cover both the washing procedure and the intrauterine insemination procedure.  These rates are very competitive for New Jersey.  I have purposefully not increased my rates for these procedures in over 15 years since IUI is an entry-level procedure that I believe that IUI should be affordable for most couples suffering with infertility.

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