Candid Patient Reviews of Dr. Eric Daiter

CANDID PATIENT REVIEWS of Dr. Eric Daiter’s office – accounts of experiences that make our office unique

You can learn a lot about our medical office by spending some time on this page.

A few patients describe their experiences at our office, so that you can learn what to expect from our office.  We encourage you to view any or all of the videos.

Dr. Daiter describes his own personal background and how this shaped his approach to patient care.  He also suggests three important criteria that could be used to help you decide on which medical office is best for you.

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A couple returns to Dr. Daiter’s care for very specific reasons

Why she continues treatment with Dr. Daiter even after moving out of state

Describes what made Dr. Daiter’s office different from 6-7 other fertility offices

Has three children (so far) on her own after laparoscopy for pelvic repair

Pregnant on their own a few months after pelvic repair by laparoscopy

A difficult journey results in a beautiful outcome

A long upsetting path is more comfortable alongside a friendly doctor

Returning to Dr. Daiter for laparoscopy many times over 15 years, for these reasons

Dr. Daiter listens, is always available, and helps develop a plan that is ideal for you

Scary moments made less worrisome by having access to the doctor

Laparoscopy and a caring office help effectively treat severe endometriosis

Knowledge and flexibility help accomplish a successful outcome

A caring office providing effective care results in success

They felt relaxed in the office and became pregnant two months after laparoscopic pelvic repair

Effective repair of severe endometriosis has a positive result

Dr. Daiter says “thank you” to those providing video testimonials

How to feel comfortable that you are in the “right medical office”

My background and what I try to accomplish