Cost of Treatment

Cost of Treatment

The price of medical care generally depends on exactly what procedure is performed. For example, an office visit does not cost the same amount as an ultrasound examination. There may also be a large difference in cost for the same type of service (say an office visit) between different infertility practices.

Eric Daiter, MD and The NJ Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, LLC understand that the cost of infertility care can become a financial burden for the patients, or couples.

Dr. Daiter has moderate size offices and he maintains a small office staff for several reasons. First, most patients are more comfortable when they know exactly who they are talking to when they call and many patients appreciate the almost family like atmosphere in the office. Second, overhead cost is contained and thus savings can be extended to couples with poor or no medical insurance for specific procedures. Dr. Daiter can often offer very expensive procedures like IVF or surgery for several thousands of dollars less than other Fertility Centers in the area (without any reduction in the quality of care) and smaller procedures like intrauterine inseminations can often be discounted if not covered by insurance. Third, the office staff knows you personally so you have the comfort of knowing that your specific concerns are understood and not overlooked.

It is important that you understand your medical insurance coverage for infertility work. My office staff will help you to understand your benefits by contacting your insurance company. We will then discuss your benefits and options with you prior to your initial office visit so that you know exactly what to expect.

Additionally, by understanding the range of tests and treatments that are available you can help Dr. Daiter construct a plan that is within your desired budget.


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