Letters from Dr. Daiter’s Colleagues

We are co-directors of IVF New Jersey, a private fertility center, with offices in Somerset, Freehold, and Lawrenceville, New Jersey. We have known Dr. Daiter since 1998 when he began to use our facility to perform his surgical egg retrievals and embryo transfers for his patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization.

Our impression of Dr. Daiter, and in discussing this with our staff we know that they wholeheartedly agree with us, is that he is foremost a caring physician who epitomizes the well known dictum, “primum non nocere,” which asks physicians to “first do no harm.” Specifically, we have noted that Dr. Daiter has routinely sought our advise regarding difficult patients, and would rather refer many of them to us if he felt they would be better served by a larger group with a more extensive cumulative experience. Secondly, in observing his skills as a surgeon, he certainly has exemplary operative skills and without exception would take a conservative course when performing these procedures. For example, if retrieving a particular egg from an ovary would cause an increase risk in a potential complication such as internal bleeding from the needle entering a blood vessel or the bowel, he would take a conservative route and not attempt to retrieve the egg from that follicle. Finally, his decision making in patient management always struck us as being caring and conservative, certainly the most conservative when compared to the four physicians in our group practice. For example, in patients at high risk for severe ovarian hyperstimulation, he would advise that they have their embryos frozen and transferred at a later time when they would have no risk of hyperstimulation occurring. Although this could potentially reduce his success rates, he thought of the patient’s safety first.

In regard to Dr. Daiter’s character, we have found him to be a most pleasant and agreeable person to be around. He truly does not seem to have a “mean bone in his body” and we always look forward to his visits to our facility.